Morning Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

Choosing the right products for your morning skincare routine is important. Oily Skin needs special care. Most people think that any moisturizer will work for their skin type but it’s better to know your skin well. If you have Oily Skin, choose oil-free or anti-soap products and keep your hands and nails away from them. Use a toner for oily skin the first time you wash your face in the morning and toner again at night before bedtime. You’ll be amazed at how your face glows after using a toner and cleaning in the morning and in the evening.

Your morning skincare routine for oily skin type might include extra care of your hair if you wear it often or keep it wet, and good cleansing at night. Your regular skin cleanser should not contain oil so that it doesn’t clog your pores. Instead, choose a gentle cleanser that contains alpha-hydroxy or natural oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Choose exfoliants for oily skin that will clean deep down but won’t strip away the natural oils. Many exfoliants are available at drug stores and salons and come in cream, gel, or powder forms. You can use a loofah or a scrub at home but do it carefully because even though you may have removed the top layer of dead skin cells, there may still be some oil trapped underneath. This extra oil can trap dirt and bacteria and cause breakouts.

The best exfoliants for skin that’s greasy are glycolic acid and microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion uses crystals that create tiny holes in your skin. The crystals then remove the outermost layers of dead skin cells, revealing fresh new skin cells that will help to fill in your pores. Glycolic acid is similar but you add a glycolic acid derivative to the water that you wash your face in. This will increase the amount of time it takes for the exfoliant to work on your face.

Your oily skin may also need more intense cleansing oil. When you think of cleansing oils you probably think of the baby oil or the unscented kind from the supermarket. While they may keep the surface of your skin clean, they may not do much for your pores and sebum control. Choose a cleansing oil that’s specially formulated for oily skin and will do more than just remove old skin cells.

For some women, a simple sheet mask is enough to start their day. Sheets masks work well for oily skin because the ingredients lock in moisture so your face doesn’t end up dry. Some sheet masks include kaolin, bentonite gel, and hazelnut extract. Kaolin is derived from clay used in the process of making pasta and hazelnut extract is rich in minerals and is often used in cosmetics.

For the best results try sheet masks and serums that are all-natural and contain only ingredients that are nourishing. You want to keep your face hydrated long term and work with natural ingredients that can be absorbed into the skin.

The only serums I use regularly that have been proven to be effective for treating skin issues are those that contain ingredients like active New Zealand Manuka honey, Phytessence Wakame sea kelp extract, and babassu wax.

These ingredients are extremely powerful due to their high level of antibacterial action. In addition to that, they also stimulate collagen growth which will thicken and plump up your skin to eliminate lines and wrinkles.

Once you’ve toned and cleansed and added a sheet mask or a serum and a moisturizer you’re all set for a day of bliss. The key is to use a toner that doesn’t cause any irritation. Many toners cause your face to become very dry. This causes your skin to produce more oil, which leads to the dreaded nighttime breakouts. If you’re looking for an effective night cream, don’t forget to use a toner that won’t strip your skin of moisture.

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